Resolution Revolution


Did you set resolutions again this year?  Have you already blown it?

Every year I would set resolutions that would go something like this…

~ food journal, stay within 1200 calories
~ give up meat
~ give up carbs
~ workout 6 times a week
~ train for a marathon
~ meditate every day
(Indeed, most of the above were supposed to happen all at once!)
Quite seriously I would shove as much food in as possible the entire month before, because I “knew” that on the magical January 1, all my issues would go away and I would finally get my shit together.  This usually worked until about 1:00 p.m., but if I was really, really “disciplined”, I would make it a week or so.

Finally, one year, when my entire life was falling apart, I decided it was all too much and made only one resolution, To be kind to myself.

What came from that moment of clarity was life changing in so many ways.  I lost 90 pounds.  I gave up my career in finance and became a personal trainer and holistic wellness coach, working exclusively with women.  It surely didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen, and on my terms.

My changes happened from one question that I asked myself constantly…

~ Am I being kind to myself by eating an entire bag of corn chips on the way home from work?
~ Am I being kind to myself by eating sugar when I know it causes me to have out of control cravings?
~ Am I being kind to myself by staying up watching late night tv?
~ Am I being kind to myself by sleeping until the last minute before work? Could it make a difference in my energy if I woke up a half hour earlier to do some sort of exercise?
~ Am I being kind to myself by stuffing my feelings?

As I lost the weight, it began to flow into other areas of my life?

~ Am I being kind to myself when I can’t find anything because of clutter?
~ Am I being kind to myself when I try, try and try again to control loved ones to no avail? Might there be a tad bit of co-dependence?
~ Am I being kind to myself walking into a job that I know I am not meant for? That does not fill me with joy?
~ Am I being kind to myself by trying to handle my life by myself? Would/could counseling help?
~ Am I being kind to myself by holding on to resentments? What could forgiveness bring?

My challenge to you this year is simple, yet oh so profound…How can you be kind to yourself?  Being kind go yourself physically flows into being kind to yourself emotionally.  Being kind to yourself flows into being kind to other. I believe that this thing we call kindness will change the world.  As always, start with you.

-originally published on by Lynn DeVasto

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