Past your comfort zone…

This week, I left my full time job. 

This was my business that I had worked in for 15 years, and I had worked my way from the ground up. There were a lot of reasons to stay…I had invested a lot of time and money, I adored my clients and the stock market was rebounding. This career had served me well and allowed me to raise my son in a respectable manner. The problem was, I was no longer fulfilled and this career no longer spoke to me in the way it once did. The industry had changed and more importantly, so had I. Still, I held onto my job as though it was my identity. I felt that if I left, I wouldn’t know who I was. So I stayed past the point of personal fulfillment and past the point where it was still serving me or my clients. It was the right time for me to let go, and still, I had a very difficult time doing so.

It makes me think…what else do we hold onto that no longer serves us? What doesn’t fit who we are anymore? Clothes? Furnishings and decor? People? How we act in certain relationships? Feelings? What do we want to give up in order to more fully become who we are meant to be?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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