Spring Into Fitness

Ahh, spring is here!  If only the weather agreed with the calendar (I saw snow this morning!).  Pretty soon, though, we’ll be coming out of hibernation and away from our big coats and bulky sweaters.  Aack!!

I took the plunge today and took a hot yoga class.  I have been wanting to for over a decade now!  Really?  What took me so long?  Generally it was my perfectionist mentality that held me back…I decided that I would need to do a class every day for a month to get the benefits (somewhere I heard that), I didn’t think I was flexible enough, I felt foolish, I thought I may pass out.  My list of excuses is as long as anybody else’s!  I will tell you that I now feel accomplished and strong, along with a sense of relief that something I had been dreading for so long was actually quite amazing!

What is it that you have wanted to do for your body for so long?  Why have you put it off? Are you afraid?  Do you feel that you are not worth it?  What can you do to take a small step in that direction?  I am a BIG fan of small, non-threatening steps and would love to hear what you want to do and how you’re going to make that happen!

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