Forgiveness, Part I

Forgiveness, Part I: For the Person Seeking Forgiveness

I am spending some time pondering forgiveness this week. Forgiveness itself is so deeply personal, and it doesn’t seem to matter if we are the person who is giving, withholding or thing remains constant. It is incredibly difficult and needs to be done in layers.

For the person receiving it (or asking to receive it), please know…you are allowed to ask for it. You are allowed to forgive yourself first. You are allowed to carry on with your life, having learned a better way. When you know better, you do better. You are allowed to do this even if the other person doesn’t have the capacity to forgive you. Please don’t feel entitled to forgiveness, sometimes it can’t come in our timeframe, if at all. If this is the case, send them blessings and continue to move on and grow in your own life.

Above all else, please forgive yourself. We often hold onto our lack of self-forgiveness through addictions. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, shopping, etc. We all make mistakes in life…sometimes we can make a doozy of a mistake. Personally, I have made some of the dooziest ones. Seek the help you need, in whatever way resonates with you. Psychologists, life coaches, support groups, whatever you need, just take that step. Be gentle with yourself as you walk though this life.

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