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​Hello and welcome to SuperGirl Workout!  You probably have a lot of questions about who I am and how SuperGirl Training can help you.  It’s probably best that I explain what brought me to where I am today, coaching people like you on exactly how to lose weight and keep it off.
The defining moment in my life was in 2002.  I got on the scale and realized that at 5’2″, I weighed 214 pounds.  Although this may have been enough to kick other people in the rear end, I merely joined a weight loss group, lost 10 pounds and promptly dropped out.  This started years of yo-yo dieting; losing 10 pounds, gaining 8, losing another 10, gaining 12.  However, In 2008, with my personal life spiraling out of control, I DECIDED to be kind to myself, and knew that this meant I needed to get serious about how I treated my body.
These are the steps I took to change my situation.  I stopped (for the most part), eating fast food, I began listening to my body as it asked for good, healthy food.  I began to walk, then found a love of spinning, and then discovered resistance training.  In March of 2010, I reached my goal weight, HAVING LOST 90 POUNDS!!!
As I lost weight, I noticed that I wasn’t then only one experiencing struggles.  Many of my friends and business associates wanted me to help them lose weight and regain their health.  In 2011, I decided to get certified as a Personal Trainer and have made a commitment to dedicate myself to helping others navigate their path towards healthy living through working out, healthy eating, and most importantly, emotional support.
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I have been a Featured speaker for eWomen, Interconnections for Women, Young Girl’s Network

I am proud to be the Featured Expert for Members of Interconnections for Women. Click here for more information




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